Order and Inventory Management System

Having products available when customers want to make purchases may seem like a relatively straightforward process. All a seller needs to do is make sure there is product (i.e., inventory) in their possession and ready for the customer to purchase. Unfortunately, being prepared for customer purchasing is not always easy.

Having the right product available when the customer is ready to buy requires a highly coordinated effort involving order entry and processing systems, forecasting techniques, customer knowledge, strong channel relationships and efficiency at physically handling

At VVV Communication, we understand what problem our customer are facing. Here, we introduce a FREE SaaS solution to cover the inventory management and order fulfillment of everyone –  online retailers, from small eBay or Amazon sellers, to large E-commerce site operators, to anyone who keeps inventory of products, even for shop owners.  The system has the ability to covers every single detail of the order fulfillment process,  for a fast and hassle-free experience, from sourcing products, to inventory management, to picking, packing and shipping.

As an authorised reseller, we are pleased to introduce EMERGE App which provide a one-stop solution for supply chain B2B wholesale, distribution & eCommerce merchants.

Why and Learn how EMERGE App can help drive your sales and profit:

EMERGE App Main Features:
•Multi Channel Order Management
•Product Management
•Inventory Management
•Fulfillment Management – Drop ship, Pick, Pack, Ship or Delivery
•Simple Accounting & Manufacturing
•B2B E-commerce
•Integration to 3PL
•Send PDF On The Go – create quotations, sales orders
•Collaborate With Your Colleagues


Sample Screen

  • Know your the payment status of your customers
  • Set financial controls for each customer
  • Customer visibility: each salesperson can only view their own customers, customer groups or company-wide customers
  • Collaborate with colleagues using tasks & notes
  • View previous interactions with the customer: quotations, sales orders and more

  • Perpetual inventory management – immediate and continuous update of available & physical inventory with every sales order, purchase order, inventory receive & shipment
  • Automatic updating of actual and physical inventory
  • Track both actual and physical warehouse stocks
  • Easily manage inventory adjustment or warehouse/section transfer
  • Monitor inventory valuation
  • All inventory movement tracked

  • Create manual sales order or convert from quotation
  • Orders are automatically fed from e-commerce store
  • Automatic deduction of actual inventory
  • Generate PDF and email sales order on-the-go
  • Propose drop ship or standard purchase to supplier
  • Create partial or full delivery order
  • Create partial or full invoice

  • Real time sales reporting in base currencies
  • Filter sales by salespeople, products, suppliers & more
  • Real time inventory listing & valuation
  • Browse inventory movement in detail
  • Know your purchases with real-time purchase report

See the power of EMERGE App. Speak to our Consultant today for a Free demo.